''Debenture Holder Representative''

Whether you are an issuer or a holder of debentures, be worry-free when you place your interests under our care as your representative, principled upon the strictest standard of prudence, looking after the interests of debenture holders as professional of the highest calibre.

BlueBell is approved for operating as a Debenture Holder’s Representative on 10th November 2022. Our service is to act in the best interests of Debenture Holders.

  • Monitor and examine the business conducts of Debenture Issuers.
  • Monitor the issuance of periodic documents and reports, such as Financial Statement, Financial Ratios, Collateral Valuation Report.
  • Act as a Collateral Custodian
  • Carry out any operation in the best interests of the Debenture Holders, such as organizing a General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Seek out experts in various fields to provide information or lending assistant to Debenture Holders

To contact Debenture Holders, please call 02-249-2999.

Email: [email protected]